Funeral celebrant

Memorial Services

Supporting you in the creation and delivery of tender, meaningful and heartfelt farewells

~When it comes to saying goodbye to someone you love, there truly is a difference ~

I understand that choosing a funeral celebrant that you can relate to, work co-operatively with and feel comfortable sharing your memorable day with, is a major consideration for any family at a time of grieving.

At this incredibly vulnerable and emotional time, it is my privilege to assist you, advise you and support you with planning and delivering a personalised funeral or memorial service, that truly reflects the life and essence of your loved one.

With an extensive background as a funeral director, grief and loss navigator and former life coach, I can support you at this often confusing and challenging time, drawing on a wealth of experience, relevant information and resources. It is genuinely a privilege for me to stand witness to the ceremony of farewelling another and I will work collaboratively with you to shape the many facets of a person’s life in to a meaningful ceremony for you, your family, and friends.

My expertise and passion lies with creating unique bespoke services - Memorial Services; unique venues and locations; inclusion of personalised ritual elements; inclusion of family members and friends in the delivery of the ceremony. I also provide release rituals, for close family members and friends, separate to the funeral service itself. These rituals allow for supportive and loving release of your loved one, providing significant connection to the transition process.


The emotional significance and potential healing process associated with personalised rituals is somewhat devalued in our modern day communities and lost in our westernised culture.  Because we are often disengaged from the true meaning of ceremony and ritual, tending more towards the aesthetic value, this actually creates even greater potential for meaning making in what we do at the time of a death. 


My desire is simply to work with families to create a time and space for them, in full and complete honour of their loved one.  Each and every person who has lived their life, is unique and their farewell may be unique in it's delivery - it may be sacred, reverent, full of remembrance; it may be lively, with the sharing of cheeky stories,  jokes and up beat music.  It may be simple and elegant; it may include costumes and live dance - today, there are no 'shoulds', this is your time and together, we will do it your way.


My genuine philosophy, is that for the time I am supporting you and your family to farewell your loved one, I see you as my extended family.  I see your loved one as someone I too respect, admire, long to get to know and create a service that I would consider befitting of my own loved ones.  Many of my families go on to have lasting connections with me.

I would value hearing from you at any time, to discuss possibilities, options and meaningful ways I can support you through this often overwhelming time.




Lisa is unique and has the intuitive ability to deliver her service for you just as you had imagined, with love, compassion and a deep understanding of this time in the journey of life and death.
Lisa's presence in the room was refreshing and genuine, she connected with my whanau and friends instantly, giving them peace of mind, trust and a feeling of peace as she enlightened us all with her beautiful delivery of words about death and the journey of life that affects us all. Her gentle and clear voice, authentic delivery and presentation, her holistic intuition, ability to listen, fill in the gaps and deliver such a heartfelt ceremony for my Dad was my dream send off.


My Grandfather recently passed away and Lisa was so wonderful, kind and compassionate.  Her support and guidance through this difficult time was really appreciated.  My whole family was blown away with how amazing Lisa was.  We honestly thought the service was so beautiful and she delivered a perfect combination of warmth, humour, support and compassion.

My Grandfather would have been so grateful, and so are we.  Lisa, we cannot thank you enough!

An amazing professional - we filmed Lisa as she conducted a lengthy Memorial Service, with an attendance of 250 people, and she never missed a beat even though she was dealing with her own grief at the time.  We look forward to working with her again.


With the information and brief background I was able to share with Lisa about my Mum, Lisa produced the most wonderful service content.  She truly captured the essence of Mum and wow, I wish I had the ability to put to paper what Lisa had written - it was touching and funny in all the right places.

Lisa was so warm and approachable and we really appreciated all of the little things she did to make the service memorable for me and my family.  I highly recommend her to anyone that needs assistance in their time of sorrow, she is a very talented lady.  All of my family who watched the recording afterwards commented on how well she spoke and how meaningful the content was.