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Aftercare Program

Introduction to Lisa

Exceptional after care for the families you serve

As a compassionate business, committed to supporting those in your community who are vulnerable and grieving, I am certain that you understand that a family's experience with your funeral or aged care home doesn’t end immediately after the funeral, and neither does their potential need for grief support. 


Often the families and individuals that you are privileged to serve, that you support at the hardest time of their life, develop an enduring connection to you or your staff.  And I know that your business, dedicated to being of service to others, can serve your families in an even greater capacity, providing exceptional ongoing customer service.


The compassion, support and care can continue after the funeral through the delivery of an aftercare program, linking them to relevant grief support and resources, thereby extending your relationships with the community you serve.


I have personally observed lately, and over the past 2 years, an ever growing need for access to grief support in our communities. I have been asked countless times for information on what is available to people in grief.  In the rapidly changing world we now inhabit, there are many things that people are grieving for; largely the loss of certainty.  But equally the loss of control, adaptation to new and changing processes, financial uncertainty, health issues and fears, changes to childrens schooling, and on and on. 


If someone experiences the death of a significant loved one, they are experiencing their loss and resulting grief, in an environment with many losses, fears and uncertainty already present.  So, it potentially shows up for them as cumulative grief.

When I was working full time as a funeral director, the businesses understandably wanted to offer an exceptional after care program, however I observed there were challenges in doing so, for two main reasons; 

  • Firstly, the reality was everyone was very busy, with competing day to day demands and new families to continually serve, so dedicating the time, truly being present for those 20-30 minute follow up and check-in conversations was tricky in terms of time management.


  • Even when a post funeral follow up program was an expectation of the role, few staff were confident with, or experienced in, facilitating these grief conversations and the issues of grieving that arose.  It seemed a lot to ask of staff, alongside all of their other tasks, to also ask them to be competent and professional grief companions.



The truth is, there are many people in every industry that can talk a good game, talk about creating and maintaining relationships, but often only 'sell' the merits of their business to make a transaction.  The ability to truly stand out is based on continuity of care, doing what others cannot or will not do and genuinely nurturing relationships. Calling up, following up, and reaching out, because of genuine care.  In this industry, clients should never merely be numbers on a spreadsheet.

So, here's where I step in, with the implementation and delivery of an aftercare program, an opt in process for those families that chose to do so, following the funeral.


The specifics of a compassionate aftercare and grief support program will differ from business to business.  The support on offer will be determined in consultation with your managers and staff, based upon what you know to be the needs of your families, the commitment of your branch financially and in line with the culture and philosophy of your business.

In general terms, some of the support inclusions available to your families are:

  • An initial follow up phone conversation, with a generous time slot allocated

  • Regular weekly or fortnightly phone or Zoom conversations thereafter

  • Referral to specific local grief support groups or resources

  • Access to online grief resources

  • As an opt in, one face to face grief support session (cost absorbed by business), in person or via Zoom

  • Access to a monthly newsletter – Grief Growth - with relevant grief navigation tools, processes and articles

  • Potential to create in house or off site grief support groups, offered on a regular basis

Other services I Offer

I also offer one off services, specialised inclusions not typically offered in all funeral and aged care homes.  Please reach out to me if I can assist you or your families with:

  • Tailored grief training and self care workshops for staff

  • Home care and connection – accompanying people home to support a vigil or family involvement in washing and dressing a loved one

  • Facilitate a ceremony or ritual for families wanting a small service to accompany a viewing on site

  • For aged care - conduct an audit of end of life processes, policy and ceremony and advise on potential inclusions

So, what does that look like?

Therapy Session

Let’s Work Together

I welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you further to explain in greater detail the benefits to your clients and your business.  I look forward to us working together.

Thanks for your connection!




I just wanted to say I really appreciate your amazing ability to talk about the subject of life and death and be so articulate when it comes to the many feelings we have when confronted with transitions and new stages of life!


 I feel your work is so important and life changing for the many people I know that have and will really need you.

Holding Hands


Thank you for the way you show up for our parents in the Grief Explorers program - your gentle way, with strength, yet vulnerability, committed, process oriented and with such wisdom.