• Lisa Potter

Why taking action creates success

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

If you do what you've always done - you can expect to get what you've always got. Simple yet profound truth.

I figure that this life and all of its responsibilities, our daily commitments, 'to do' lists and roles we embody are pretty darn challenging. There is a growing overwhelm for people to do it all, be it all and have it all. To have it ''all together''. This expectation, whether real, imposed by others or imposed upon ourselves, is quite frankly exhausting. It's common for me to talk to clients who are burning out in their bid to be 'all things' - a great parent, a career minded professional, an attentive and loving partner, live a healthy lifestyle, as well as the other roles we undertake as a friend, sibling, care-giver and on and on.

I support the other growing movement that asks us to slow down, focus on what we love and strip back to a simpler way of being. Living a life that doesn't ask us to constantly change hats and swap personas or agendas.

Too idealistic though? At the end of the day, we all mostly have financial responsibilities and care giving roles and the need to make a living and make a life for ourselves. So, instead of adding more columns to our ever growing 'to do' list, or creating additional vision boards or mapped out goal plans - let's be kind to ourselves and simply make a small change. Simply take some small, directed and consistent ACTION. This action can even consist of removing some of the responsibilities or commitments from our day to day life to ensure that what we do, we do with intent and focus.

We spend far too much time thinking about and angsting over what we're not doing right or how we want our lives to change. This takes our energy, this takes negative focus and honestly, just results in making us feel inadequate, frustrated or unworthy.

The smallest of changes, the smallest shift in our routine, change to our daily habits or way we talk about something WILL have a impact, a cumulative effect if done consistently.

Seeing that shift, that one thing (do not attempt to change your entire life overnight) successfully integrated in to your life will lift your motivation levels, will be an achievement and subsequently result in feeling successful. Even small things are a success, we do not only need to celebrate the big stuff.

The process of inaction or procrastination takes as much, if not more effort than implementing minor changes regularly.
The continuous frustrations, the tendency to whinge and complain, the 'pain' our current situation causes utilises as much unproductive energy as adopting new patterns, behaviours and focused actions.

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