Family support and mediation

Supported conversations & mediation to facilitate successful outcomes

Mediation and conflict resolution services tailored specifically to the needs of the family or individual. Broad scope of services - from mediating conversations between individuals, to breaking bad news, to facilitating open family discussions.

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End of life support, care and advocacy

Personalised and tailored individual and family sessions

This specialised service, that of a end of life doula, will be available at the clients request and the scope of offerings will be tailored to the specific needs of the family or individual, based on their current circumstance.  


This end of life support service includes, but is not limited to:


  • assimilation of a terminal illness diagnosis

  • breaking bad news conversations and family discussion      

  • family mediation and conflict resolution      

  • setting up a comfortable palliative environment at home,      

  • grief and loss support and navigation      

  • grief work and grief conversations     

  • creation of legacy work     

  • creating or updating advanced health directives and statement of            choices      

  • implementing support rosters for carers      

  • setting up home vigil

  • advocating for the family and dying person

  • liaising with allied health professionals     

  • facilitating living wakes     

  • discussing funeral options, inclusions and preparation

  • discussing options for home funerals (D.I.Y) elements or eco friendly        funeral options 

  • ritual washing and dressing after death

  • creating and delivering memorial services

  • funeral celebrant role (creation and delivery of farewell)

  • creation of personalised release rituals

  • ashes scattering ceremonies


Please refer to my EOL Doula Support page for further details.

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Navigating Grief and Loss

Psychosocial support for bereavement, loss and anticipatory grief

A comprehensive range of grief and loss support services to assist with navigating through a challenging time of transition. Facilitator of grief conversations and release rituals.

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Funeral and Memorial Celebrant

~ Because there is a difference ~

I understand that choosing a funeral celebrant that you can relate to, work co-operatively with and feel comfortable sharing your memorable day with, is a major consideration for any grieving family. 

At this incredibly vulnerable and emotional time, I can assist you, advise you and support you with planning and delivering a personalised funeral or memorial service, that truly reflects the life and essence of your loved one. 

With diverse relevant experience as an ex funeral director, a current grief and loss counsellor, Life Coach and end of life celebrant, I can assist you at this typically confusing and challenging time, drawing on a wealth of experience, relevant information and resources. It is genuinely a privilege for me to stand witness to the ceremony of farewelling another and I will work collaboratively with you to shape the many facets of a person’s life in to a meaningful service for you and your family. 

My expertise and passion lies with creating unique bespoke services - Memorial Services; unique venues and locations; inclusion of personalised ritual elements; inclusion of family members and friends in the delivery of the ceremony. I also provide release rituals, for close family members and friends, separate to the funeral service itself. These rituals allow for supportive and loving release of your loved one, providing significant connection to the transition process. 

I would value hearing from you at any time, to discuss possibilities, options and meaningful ways to support you.

SERVICE FEE |  Starting at $450

Holding Hands

Personal Release Ritual

Personalised ritual for close family and friends - following a death

Traditional public funerals unify a room of diverse people, with unique relationships to the deceased, in one collective group.  At a time of intense emotion and grief, often families have shared with me that funerals they've attended tend to be an event to be endured, rather than fully experienced. Whilst, it is a ceremony to remember and farewell a loved one, it is not always a place to connect to and openly express emotions, and grief, or express unsaid feelings or farewells.

Release rituals are an opportunity for those closest to the loss to connect more privately and openly to their grief and allowance of the transition, gifting their loved one the space to journey on.  

A release ritual is an intimate and reverent space to speak openly, grieve authentically, give thanks and connect to the emotion of this sacred passage.

A ritual will be personalised to meet the needs of the attendees and with reverence to the nature and energy of their loved one.  Generally it will take place outdoors and include the transformative and purifying elements of fire, voicework, breathwork, singing/chanting and release processes.  Please contact me direct for more details.

SERVICE FEE |  Starting at $350

Outdoor Work Meeting

End of Life Planning Consultation

Comprehensive Planning and Documentation

A face to face consultation and discussion to assess, identify and document your comprehensive end of life preferences, including legal, medical and funeral options; advanced health directive; and personalised farewells.


Dramatherapy and Creative Expression

Therapeutic expression and creative immersion

For individuals or small groups.  

In dramatherapy my main role is to assist people to tell their personal stories and to transmute emotions by utilising various means of creative self expression.  Not only through words and vocalisation, but equally through the body, through movement, through all the expressive means we can access.

It can sometimes be daunting to sit face to face in therapy and attempt to gain access to our genuine feelings.  Dramatherapy can be instrumental in unlocking that inner voice and allowing free flowing expression. Extremely useful in grief expression also.

FEE |  $65 per hour